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A curated collection of digital lettering practice sheets introducing different styles made just for you each month!
Here's a sneak peek at some of the lettering goodies you'll be receiving each month! 

What is the Subscription?

  • It's a monthly subscription focused on [digital] lettering practice sheets and a great way to explore different lettering styles each month.

  • At the beginning of each month, you will receive a curated collection of digital lettering practice sheets!

Why was the Subscription created?

  • The goal and focus is to have more time to practice your own lettering and to explore your lettering journey!

  • No more searching and spending hours online looking for those perfect lettering practice sheets or wondering which one is best for you. 

How does the Lettering Subscription work?


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Review and choose which subscription plan works for you. Choose either the monthly or yearly subscription plan!

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A new collection of lettering practice sheets will be available to you at the beginning of each month!

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Once the practice sheets are downloaded, it's time to explore your lettering journey and different styles!

September's Theme!


Let's find your lettering style this month by exploring various lettering styles and flourishes from uppercase to lowercase letters, positive words, common words, quotes, compositions + more!

This month, you will receive access to weekly practice sheets + video tutorials! The goal is to take your time when exploring various lettering styles + flourishes and to have fun while learning the beauty of lettering! 
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Let's explore flourishes and uppercase + lowercase letters together!

Lettering Sheets are available now

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Let's explore common words and days of the week together!

Lettering Sheets will be available on 9/6

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Let's start lettering some words by exploring positive words + months!

Lettering Sheets will be available on 9/13

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Let's now explore quotes, different composition styles + common greetings!

Lettering Sheets will be available on 9/20

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You are the hands-on type and have been wanting to finally dabble into lettering!

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You have been wanting to explore different lettering styles, but are not sure where to start.

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You have had an interest in exploring lettering for some time, but are overwhelmed when getting started.

The Subscription Plans

The MONTHLY Subscription (all prices are USD)

$17 per month

Includes the following:

  • The PDF Printable Lettering Practice Sheets (new sheets every month)
  • The iPad Lettering Practice Sheets (same as the PDF, but in Procreate File Format)
  • Lettering Video Tutorials
  • Monthly Procreate Lettering Brush to use for the Practice Sheets

The YEARLY Subscription (all prices are USD)

$130 per year

Receive Additional Perks + SAVE and get 2 months FREE:

  • The PDF Printable Lettering Practice Sheets (new sheets every month) 
  • The iPad Lettering Practice Sheets (same as the PDF, but in Procreate File Format)
  • Lettering Video Tutorials
  • Monthly Procreate Lettering Brush to use for the Practice Sheets

Additional Perks for Yearly Subscriptions:

  • Access to a private Facebook community to share your work, ask questions, meet other lettering friends + more!
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A + Lettering / Art Session (replays will be available to watch)


Yayy! It's finally YOUR time to start your lettering journey today!
Let's do this and letter all the fun things together each month!

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Hey love!

I am soo happy that you are here! I'm Shelly Kim, a self-taught lettering artist and artist behind Letters By Shells.

In 2015, I discovered lettering as a creative outlet and a way to release stress from my full-time job. At first, my main goal when I started lettering was to decorate my work cubicle with positive affirmations.. but a year later, I ended up leaving my full-time job to pursue art full-time. This is when I made it a mission for my artwork + lettering to express love and positivity.

For years, I have loved teaching my lettering style at in-person / virtual workshops + conferences and creating lettering workbooks + practice sheets. This is the reason why I am soo excited to share what I have been working on! I created Learn Lettering Today, which is an online resource for all things lettering (resources, tutorials, freebies coming very soon).

Under Learn Lettering Today, I recently launched The Lettering Subscription, which is a monthly subscription. Each month, you will receive a curated collection of digital lettering practice sheets made just for YOU!

I created this platform because I remember struggling to find my own unique lettering style, wanting to ask all these questions but was to afraid to ask and just felt overwhelmed getting started with lettering...if you are feeling this, I completely know where you are coming from and have been there. If you are ready to take the next step and start your lettering journey, I am here to hold your hand every step of the way! Let's do this together! -Shells



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Lettering Resources + Video Tutorials

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The Online Lettering Course (Fall 2021)